Sugar Vs Manuka honey:  Which is sweeter and what is healthier?

Sugar Vs Manuka honey

Sweeten up your dishes; it is as important as cherishing your lives. Have you ever thought why the thing we love the most is often deteriorating our health instead of giving us a boost? Well, our poor choices, especially in food selection, impact our quality of life.

Nature has awarded us with a never-ending treasure of organic products having cures for every ailment reported yet. Contrary to this, humans have made artificial sweeteners, and food just to tantalize their palate, commonly called inorganic food. 

Organic vs inorganic food has been the hottest debate taking the researcher’s attention for centuries. What do you think will be good for you? To date, most scientific studies have reported inorganic food as a risk factor, causative agent, and triggering factor of hundreds of diseases. Flipping the picture, studies also evident how natural ingredients formed by nature’s intriguing mechanism fight against almost every disease.

Tiny changes can create a big difference; in this post let’s see how changing only one ingredient can change your lifestyle. Sugar vs Manuka honey; let’s make it clear which one is sweatier or healthier for you by enlisting some pros and cons of each.

Manuka honey:

Manuka Honey is the blackish golden viscous fluid produced by the bees. The process of enclosing honey in eco-friendly jars without passing it through any extensive processing, to save its goodness, is a state-of-art process. 

Honey is no doubt a natural sweetener, people using for centuries, to treat a range of acute diseases from common cold to diarrhoea. It will not be wrong to claim that honey is the sweetest medicine in the world known for its health benefits. 

Thanks to our well-wishers- the bees who never get tired of collecting nectar from the Manuka flowers and creating Manuka honey in their hives. Simply, honey is sweet because bees collect sweet nectar containing glucose and fructose; thus, it’s the type of flower that defines the taste of honey. So, unlike other honey, Manuka honey has a sweet yet strong earthy taste with a flavour of malt and caramel.

As far as the Manuka honey health benefits are concerned, if taken in moderate amounts- it spurs your immunity, improves skin texture, elevates digestive health, heals wounds, and reduces inflammation. It has flavonoids, Methylglyoxal, minerals, phenolic acids, enzymes, and 1-2 dicarboxylic compounds, each having a direct correlation with eliminating the root cause of these diseases.

White Sugar:

On the side of the picture, another common option for sweetening up your days is white sugar. Unlike honey, it’s extracted from sugar cane, sugar beets, and corn. The commercial availability of this type of sugar at relatively cheaper rates evidences its widespread accessibility. Though derived from natural foods, it is synthetically prepared in sugar mills before stocking the shelves on your nearest grocery marts.

Natural sugar is only a carbohydrate- that lacks minerals, vitamins, fibres, and medicinal properties. The refining process removes the molasses from the sugar cane juices and the crystallization process turns it into white crystals easy-to-store in your jars, scientifically written as C6H12O6. Its sweet taste is due to sucrose (a disaccharide comprised of glucose and fructose joined together by a high-energy bond). To enhance the sweetness of any food, all you need to do is just keep adding on. 

Undoubtedly, we all are well aware of the pleasantly sweet taste of white sugar and can instantly recall it. Adding taste to your tea and coffee is not the only benefit of white sugar; however, improving brain functioning, removing dead skin and scars due to granular structure, and instantly boosting your energy level are some of its other benefits.

Failing overall health over time is also one of the reported setbacks of using white sugar more than required. Yes, it causes inflammation, onsets obesity, promotes heart diseases, increases depression, and triggers diabetes. It makes children hyperactive and effect their brilliance, if not consumed in adequate amounts. Overall, the list of harms associated with consuming white sugar is many more than its benefits. 

Sugar Vs Manuka honey - Similarities:

How beneficial a particular sweetener is, depends on sugar and Manuka honey usage. Yes, if you add white sugar in small quality it will only benefit you, but Manuka honey even in large quantities can transform your lives. To know more about them, review the following similarities between them:

  1. The sugar has a sweet taste and Manuka honey is also sweet with many health benefits.
  2. Both, Manuka honey and sugar, are good for revitalizing your skin texture.
  3. Manuka honey power up your days, so do the sugar. 
  4. These sweeteners activate the brain reward system to help you stay happy.

Sugar Vs Manuka honey - Differences:

When compared with similarities, the differences or contrasting points in Sugar Vs Manuka honey are far greater. The following are some of them:

  1. Physical appearance: Physically, Manuka honey is a blackish viscous fluid while sugar is a white crystalline solid.
  2. Chemical composition: Manuka honey contains carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants, fibres, vitamins, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. Whilst, sugar is a disaccharide containing sucrose, without having minerals, vitamins, and protein compounds. 
  3. Health benefits: The health benefits of Manuka honey include boosting energy, reducing inflammation, killing pathogens (viruses, bacteria and other microbes), improving skin texture, reducing stress (anti-depressant), spurring immunity, and fastening the metabolic rate. But sugar is an instant source of energy that exfoliates the skin and improves brain functioning.  
  4. Side-effects: Sugar causes depression, increases weight, and stimulates cognitive disabilities. However, honey has no reported side-effect except triggering allergic reactions in honey-sensitive patients.

After reviewing both types of sweeteners (organic or inorganic) or elaborating on all sugar vs Manuka honey, similarities and differences, you may have decided which one suits you the best. Of course, by replacing white sugar with a jar full of goodness- Manuka honey, you would love to start improving the quality of your life. 

Luckily, Manuka honey has countless benefits- the top of the list is it delays death, only if it is in pure and unprocessed form. To get your hands on Australia’s purest Manuka honey, Sunhighlands is the trusted voice of the nation. Buy Manuka honey now and get huge discounts and start taking health benefits from nature’s Gold.