Everything about Recommended Manuka Honey Daily Dose

Manuka Honey Daily Dose
The world is full of wonderful treats, just waiting for us to get benefited. These products make it possible to treat almost every ailment without using harmful chemicals and prolonged treatment.

Manuka honey is also a nature’s blessing to mankind. With this magical ingredient, you can cure sore throat, and digestive discomfort, and heal wounds.

Above all of these, Manuka honey has great potential to reduce post-surgery inflammation. It fights against bacteria like H.pylori, bacillus, and other species to boost immunity.

It reduces the free radicals in the body to help you stay young for longer. Additionally, it also plays a pivotal role in improving skin texture and resolving all skin-related problems (scars, unevenness, dark tone and dullness).

We all admire the exceptional properties of Manuka honey. Many researchers reported all the unique properties of this golden nectar of Manuka bush in scientific papers. The point to ponder here is whether the same dose of Manuka honey can help you achieve different health goals.

Well, if you seriously want to get rid of your health problems with this simple yet yummiest honey, this article is for you. Today, we will help you know that for different health problems, the Manuka honey daily dose also differs.

You might have heard that the Manuka honey jar is full of health and nutrition. Yes, you heard it right. It has the potential to cure all health problems. But some people get it wrong.

They think the more they eat Manuka honey, the more rapid the recovery will be. Well, this is not the case. There is a suggested dose of every medicine; the same is true for Manuka honey as well.

After all, it’s sweet and full of carbohydrates, though its carbohydrates metabolise quickly. Still, you need to consult your family physicians to know how much honey you must consume per day.

Why you should take Manuka honey daily:

In this rapid-paced world, taking care of yourself or following a consistent health regimen is indeed difficult. In this scenario, incorporating a small quantity of Manuka honey into your daily life can give you the following benefits:

  • Treat plaque and gingivitis
  • Heals wound
  • Cure Ulcer
  • Therapeutic effect on Alzheimer's
  • Fight against millions of disease-causing bacteria

Factors affecting the Manuka honey daily dose:

Well, there is no hard and fast rule or a dose adjustment chart to estimate the Manuka honey daily dose. Rather, all you need is to know a few things that can estimate your own dose of Manuka.

1. At which part of life you just stepped in (age)

Age is the first and foremost important factor affecting the Manuka honey daily dose. The aged people (50-70) must take half or one tablespoon of manuka per day.

With age the metabolism rate diseases significantly; thus, a high dose of this nutrient-rich fluid can cause digestive complications. However, people aged between 15 and 45 can use it whenever they want-but for infants the dose must be selected after a doctor’s recommendation.

2. Your medical history:

The patient having any medical history of diseases like diabetes and chronic digestive infection must not use Manuka honey with the consultant’s guidance. In case, you are fit and feel free from all types of diseases you can even take 2-3 tablespoons of Manuka daily.


Manuka honey usage also greatly depends on affordability. Everyone’s definition of affordability varies greatly, so your own definition decides how much Manuka honey you can easily incorporate into your daily diet.

Part of the day:

It may be interesting news for all Manuka honey users. How much honey you must consume daily is also decided by the part of the day. For a common understanding, nutrient-rich products such as honey must be taken in the morning- to keep you stay active throughout the day.

What if you need to take it on another part of the day? Simply, you can reduce its quantity

Your lifestyle:

The last but not least factor affecting the manuka honey daily dose is your lifestyle. To put it simply, if you remain active throughout the day you can take as much honey (by adding to the tea or making delicious dishes) as you wish.

However, people doing office-based jobs or having sedentary lifestyles must limit their use to prevent the carbohydrate over-dose.

3. Recommended Manuka honey daily dose:

The exact dose of Manuka honey depends on how much MGO level seems suitable to you. MGO manuka honey at our Sunhighlands online store is available in different packaging (MGO 550+, MGO 850+, and MGO 1000).

Basically, various things need to be considered for deciding the exact dose of Manuka honey. Generally, 1-2 tablespoons in the morning is considered a safe and recommended dose of Manuka.

4. Creative ways to enjoy Manuka honey daily dose:

For different purposes, we can take Manuka, honey, in different creative ways. For instance, you can take a spoonful of honey straight from the jar every morning.

Secondly, you can add a tablespoon full of honey as a natural sweetener to your bed tea and morning coffee. Thirdly, honey smoothies, pies, muffins, and other side dishes are a healthier way to commune Manuka honey daily.

Lastly, you can simply add MGO manuka honey to a glass full of lukewarm water and drink it after meals or in the morning. It is the easiest way to reduce weight by increasing your metabolism.

5. Concluding thoughts:

After all is said and done, we can say that everybody has his own metabolic rate, general health, and lifestyle. So, we cannot recommend one specific dose for all.

Thus, the article has described various factors necessary to monitor before adding an appropriate amount of Manuka honey to your daily routines.

Hopefully, now have noted the answer to a frequently asked question, ‘How much honey one must consume daily?’. That’s not it! Other than getting all the essential information about the daily Manuka honey usage, we also shared a list of creative ideas important to give you a nudge in the right direction to eat it daily.

Your Recommended Daily Dose of Manuka Honey

Our world is bursting at the seams with natural wonders, all ready and waiting for us to reap their benefits. Among these delightful gifts is Manuka honey, an extraordinary natural remedy. This little treasure can help tackle sore throats, digestive discomfort, and even assist in wound healing.

But the powers of Manuka honey don't stop there. It's got remarkable potential to minimise inflammation after surgery and can help battle bacteria like H.pylori, bacillus, and more, to boost your immune system.

It works to reduce free radicals in the body, helping you maintain a youthful glow. Plus, it's a great addition to your skincare routine, tackling issues like scars, uneven skin tone, and dullness.

At Sunhighlands we love talking about Manuka honey's exceptional properties, backed up by a plethora of research studies. However, a common question that we often get is whether the same dose of Manuka honey can achieve different health objectives.

If you're serious about utilising this delicious honey to tackle health issues, you're in the right place. In this article we’ll talk a bit about how the recommended daily dose of Manuka honey may vary based on the specific health concern you're addressing.

Manuka honey, without a doubt, is brimming with health and nutritional benefits. But it's essential to remember that consuming more honey doesn't necessarily lead to quicker recovery.

Every medicine has a recommended dose, and Manuka honey is no exception. Even though Manuka Honey is sweet and full of quickly metabolised carbohydrates, it's still crucial to chat with your doctor about how much honey you should consume daily.

In this fast-paced world that we live in, maintaining a consistent health routine can be tricky. Here's where a small daily dose of Manuka honey can be a game-changer, providing benefits such as:

- Treating plaque and gingivitis
- Assisting in wound healing
- Helping cure ulcers
- Providing a therapeutic effect on Alzheimer's
- Fighting against disease-causing bacteria

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the daily dose of Manuka honey. Several factors can influence your daily intake:


Age is a significant factor in determining your daily Manuka honey intake. For older individuals (50-70), a half to one tablespoon of Manuka honey per day is recommended.

Our metabolism can slow down as we age, and a high dose of this nutrient-rich honey could potentially cause digestive issues. For those aged 15-45, usage can be more flexible, while infants should only be given honey under a doctor’s recommendation.

Your health history

Those with a medical history of conditions like diabetes and chronic digestive infection should only use Manuka honey under medical guidance. If you're in good health, you might be able to handle 2-3 tablespoons of Manuka daily.

Time of day

When you consume Manuka honey can affect the amount you should have. Generally, nutrient-rich foods like honey are best consumed in the morning to keep you active throughout the day. If you need to take it at other times, consider reducing the amount.


Your lifestyle can also affect your Manuka honey intake. If you're active all day, you can enjoy honey in a variety of ways. But if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or work in an office, you might need to limit your intake to avoid overloading on carbohydrates.

The ideal dose of Manuka honey also depends on the MGO level. At Sunhighlands we offer Manuka honey at our online store in various strengths (MGO 550+, MGO 850+, and MGO 1000). With all of that in mind, typically 1-2 tablespoons in the morning is considered a safe and recommended dose of Manuka.

Creative ways to enjoy your daily dose of Manuka honey:

There are many ways to enjoy Manuka honey. You can have a spoonful straight from the jar each morning or use it as a natural sweetener in your tea or coffee.

You could add it to smoothies, pies, muffins, and much more. Or try adding it to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it after meals or in the morning to help increase your metabolism and manage weight loss.

To wrap up, everyone is different, and we all have unique metabolic rates, overall health, and lifestyles. That's why we can't recommend a specific dose for everyone.

In this article we’ve explored various factors to consider before incorporating Manuka honey into your daily routine. Hopefully, it’s given you a clearer picture of how much honey you should consume daily. We've also shared a few creative ideas to inspire you to enjoy Manuka honey daily. Cheers to that!