Why Manuka Honey is so expensive?

Why Manuka Honey is so expensive?
Pure Manuka Honey comes from the Leptospermum Scoparium bush which grows in Australia & New Zealand. To grow the bush requires a certain climate and weather which is available in New Zealand and Australia.

Researchers experimented by cloning the bush at other locations but the quality got compromised. So, to buy raw and pure honey, one must buy the original Manuka Honey which is highly potent.

Manuka honey demand has recently increased. The unique Australian Manuka Honey has extraordinary properties and health benefits which have stirred interest among scientists and users.

Why is Manuka honey rare:

Manuka Honey has unique properties that set it apart from other raw honey. The discovery of Manuka's health benefits has increased demand. Pure Manuka is costlier to produce. Manuka honey necessitates the ideal hive location, skilled beekeepers, and specialized testing procedures.

For Manuka production, beekeepers must be highly skilled as the bush flower only for 2 to 6 weeks each year. If the weather was not suitable, the plants could not bloom at all, or they might not release all of their nectar.

In addition, during a difficult season, the bees might not have enough 'fly time' to forage due to weather conditions. Every Manuka season was unique, requiring complex decisions regarding bee health, hive location, and weather conditions.

Manuka honey is produced only in Australia & New Zealand which implies a limited supply.

Types of Manuka Honey:

There are different types of Raw Manuka Honey. When purchasing the best Manuka honey, it's critical to understand exactly what you're getting – not all Manuka honey is the same.

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We offer the best Manuka Honey variants.

  1. Manuka Honey MGO 100+
  2. Manuka Honey MGO 550+
  3. Manuka Honey MGO 850+
  4. Manuka Honey MGO 1200+

MGO (Methylglyoxal) rating is awarded after stringent testing in specialized laboratories. Out of the various components that define Manuka Honey the important antibacterial component is Methylglyoxal which has MGO+ Rating, which indicates how potent it is.

Why is there a price difference between Manuka brands:

Every honey producer has its own costs as well as its business ethos. Packaging, transportation, labour, rent, and marketing costs vary among locations. 

The label gives you a good idea of what you're getting. In the market, you may be able to find cheaper Raw Manuka honey that does not bear an MGO or UMF label.

Be aware that it may contain some Manuka, but there is no way of knowing how much. Getting to know your honey producer is a great idea. You can find ethical beekeepers who maintain the same high standards regardless of where their Manuka honey is sold. Make sure your Manuka honey is raw and unpasteurized.

Sunhighlands’ Raw Manuka Honey is straight out of the hive:

We are a family-run business operating from the heart of Sydney, We set out on a mission to provide the world with great-tasting varieties of Australian honey.

Australia’s unique landscape opens the door to countless flavors and varieties of Australian Manuka honey, each with its unique taste and benefits.

We make sure to preserve all the goodness of natural honey. Because the honey is unprocessed, it may retain some natural elements, such as propolis, wax, and pollen.

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