Exploring the Sweet Benefits of Manuka Honey for Digestive Health

Manuka Honey for Digestive Health

Natural remedies are the safest solutions to various health-related problems. You might have also reached Manuka honey to cure cough and cold.

This super-beneficial honey has captured the attention of millions of people-but some might not know about its role in improving digestive health. To put it simply, Manuka honey is an amazing product as far as digestive wellness is concerned.

In this blog, we will help you know how relatable Manuka Honey is with your gut health. Let’s delve into the details by briefly introducing you the Manuka honey offered by Sunhighlands.

1. Manuka Honey by Sunhighlands:

Briefly introduced, Manuka honey is produced in Australia and New Zeeland from Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium); thus, also named Leptospermum honey. The unique properties and bioactive compounds like methylglyoxal (MGO) of Manuka honey set it apart from regular honey.

Since 1980’s researchers and biochemists have reported several unique properties that make Manuka honey suitable for digestive health. 

2. Manuka Honey for digestive health:

Several research reports show Manuka honey as an excellent ingredient for digestive health because of its bioactive compound called Methylglyoxal (MGO). This super-active bio compound is produced as a result of an intricate process honeybees use to make Manuka honey from Manuka nectar.

Common honey has its own health benefits but the effectiveness of Manuka honey can be calculated by the concentration of MGO (MGO 100+, MGO 550+, 850+, 1200+).

2.1 Manuka Honey Strengthens Guts’ Microbiota:

Digestion-friendly (probiotics) microbes have been in the spotlight for centuries. So probiotics are good indicators of telling the true story of someone’s digestive health. You might know the word ‘probiotics’ and ‘prebiotics’; prebiotics are the compound that help probiotics to flourish.

Manuka honey acts like prebiotics which simply means it nourishes gut microbiota and improves digestive health. Long story short, Probiotics as well as prebiotics both, are crucial to gut health and Manuka honey is a natural prebiotic.

The benefits of Manuka Honey MGO 550+ for digestive health are similar to the Manuka Honey MGO 100+, except that due to its higher MGO level former is more potent prebiotic.  

2.2  Manuka Honey Soothes digestive lining:

Inflammation in the digestive lining makes it difficult for food to pass smoothly from the alimentary canal, leaving a sense of discomfort. Thanks to anti-inflammatory characteristics that makes Manuka honey for digestive health a viable option.

Manuka Honey MGO 550+ properties are also found associated with reducing bad cholesterol, fatty acids accumulation, and other biomarkers causing inflammation.

Epigrammatically, the antibacterial benefits of Manuka honey make it a valuable ally in keeping the digestive lining in its best possible state. By flipping the picture, if due to any reason or ailment inflammation in the digestive lining is disturbing your overall gut health the Manuka honey can be a standalone solution to almost all digestive issues caused by inflammation. 

2.3 Manuka Honey Reduces Risk of digestive infections:

Bacterial infections are some of the novel challenges that are difficult to overcome recently. Not all bacteria are digestion friendly; rather, many are known as the biggest enemies of humans, just as Helicobacter pylori and Escherichia Coli (E.coli) cause Gastritis and food poisoning, respectively.

Manuka honey has strong antibacterial properties and its regular use can help you fight against all digestive bacterial infections. Recent research supports Manuka honey’s protective role against Helicobacter pylori and Escherichia Coli. 

However, its efficacy varies as digestive health and degree of infection vary. Fortunately, our scientists claim that Manuka Honey MGO 550+ benefits the digestive health, and helps fight against numerous species of bacteria. 

2.3  Manuka Honey Cures Stomach Ulcer:

Another notable benefit of Manuka honey for digestive health is its therapeutic potential. The stomach ulcer also known as the gastric ulcer is characterized by painful sores in the stomach lining. Prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, excessive gastric acid production, and bacterial infection are some of the reasons why people develop gastric ulcers.

On its breakdown in the stomach, Manuka honey’s bioactive compounds start performing its enzymatic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory role to eradicate the ultimate cause of ulcers. Thus it protects the digestive system from bacterial attack and heals wounds if found anywhere in the stomach.   

2.5 Manuka Honey Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD):

Like stomach ulcers, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is another ailment disturbing the overall stomach health. Instead of sores, it is characterised by inflammation in the digestive tract. Among all Manuka Honey MGO 100+ benefits for digestive health, treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is Manuka’s remarkable medicinal property.

Researchers are enthusiastically working to understand the underlying mechanism of action of Manuka honey for treating IBD. Apparently, the increased oxidative stress is considered a prominent reason for IBD and Manuka honey is known for its anti-oxidative potential. Thus the use of Manuka honey for digestive health neutralizes the free radicals and helps with IBD management.

2.6 Manuka Honey Improves Oral Health:

Many of us may not know that to promote optimal digestive health oral health is foremost important. Plaque control is also one of the Manuka Honey MGO 100+ benefits for digestive health. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent the Streptococcus mutans- plaque-forming bacteria in the mouth. Stopping Gingivitis (an early stage of gum disease) and mouth ulcer helps maintain oral health with Manuka honey. However, for getting the required results a regular use of Manuka honey is needed.


We conclude that Manuka honey is a valuable asset for maintaining digestive health due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and prebiotic properties. Two spoons of Manuka honey daily can save non-diabetic patients to maintain balance in digestive microbiota, and smooth passing of food to relieve the digestive discomfort.

However, diabetics and other individuals with any disease must take experts’ advice about its safe use. The wound-healing property of this amazing product makes it ideal for treating sore mouth, stomach and other parts of the digestive system. 

Hopefully, after knowing all benefits of Manuka honey for digestive health, you won’t stop yourself from making it a part of your life. Wishing you to stay happy, healthy, and blessed with the goodness of Manuka honey.