Celebrating World Bee Day 2023 With Sunhighlands

World Bee Day 2023

As we celebrate world bee day 2023, it’s the right time to talk about these Unsung heroes of our lives- the Bees. World Bee Day represents an annual observance to remind people that ‘Bees are redeemers of our ecosystem’. Bees are one of the keystone species playing a vital role in food production and pollination, that’s why known as industrial insects. 

Despite all their services to mankind, bees themselves face several challenges regarding habitat loss, pesticides use, and global warming. World bee day is an effort to aware people of the incredible role of bees in human survival. 

This immensely small-looking creature is sweetening up our lives for centuries. Thus, to acknowledge their role, pay attributes to their services, and conserve their habitats, uniquely celebrating World bee day 2023 means a lot.

In this blog, you will find answers to various questions relevant to history, significance, and creative ideas about World Bee Day 2023 Celebrations. Let’s kick off:

History of World’s bee day: 

When world bee day is celebrated? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, so let's set the stage by first answering it. Globally 20, May is considered world bee day. However, many of you might still be unaware of why it is celebrated. If so, continue reading to explore more. 

It is not a historical event rather people started celebrating it back in 2014. The event was first organized in Slovenia – known for its diverse culture, stunning landscape, and long-standing beekeeping history. This event was dedicated to putting emphasis on the role of bees as natural heroes.

You may probably wonder the reason behind selecting 20th May as world bee day. Yes, undoubtedly bees can be acknowledged on any date, but the 20th of May coincides with the birthday of Anton Janša- a pioneer of modern Beekeeping techniques. He is considered a symbol of excellence and celebrating bee’s Day on his birthday makes sense.

Later, on 20 Dec 2017, UN National General Assembly passed a resolution A/RES/72/211, proclaiming May 20th as a World bee day. Since its declaration, it has gained worldwide participation and recognition.

Bees are significantly important to us. Optimistically, you will be glad to know interesting facts about them.

Interesting facts about bees:

Bees are a valuable addition to our lives. To warrant this claim, review the following interesting facts about them.

  1. There are more than 2000 species known species of bees worldwide.
  2. Bees can recognize human faces.
  3. Bees are known for their notable work ethics.
  4. Bees’ extraordinary sharp color vision helps them see even UV light.
  5. Bees are human-friendly; they only sting as a last resort to defend themselves. 
  6. Special compartments on bees’ legs serve the role of pollen-collecting baskets.

Significant Role of Bees:

We all know about the bees’ role in transforming nectar into honey- a delicious gift of nature. Did you know bees are pillars of pollination, indicators of environmental health, and stabilizers of our ecosystem? That’s not all! Bee’s economic role is also well-reported. A brief description of some great work of these tiny creatures is:

  1. Bees are extraordinary pollinators, facilitating millions of plant species in reproduction. The collection of pollen from a male plant and transferring it to the female is called cross-pollination. Cross-pollination aids sessile organisms like plants in fertilization, producing seeds and fruits. 
  2. Mouthwatering viscous fluid commonly known as honey is another blessing of bees, though not all kinds of bees can make it. Honey has unique antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties making it the best health partner. A bee collects nectar, makes honey from it, and saves it in its hives- a potential source of income for beekeepers. 
  3. Bees play a crucial role in conserving the ecosystem by increasing biodiversity. To put it simply, plants cannot move freely so facing the challenge of increasing diversity. Bees help introduce exotic plant species and facilitate indigenous species to become exotic. This process also sometimes ends in producing a unique plant species- a perfect blend of wildlife plant species and native flora.
  4. Bees also have a unique potential to act as live free-flying biosensors, introducing a novel approach to environmental monitoring. Sensitivity to environmental changes, Cos-effective monitoring, and wide geographical coverage are some of the properties making bees bio-indicators and enable us to help protect our environment. 

To wrap it up, bees do a lot of things for us, but in return, human activities are posing a serious threat to their survival. Bees help us enjoy tasty fruits, honey, vegetables, and nut; whilst, pesticides act as bee poison. Let’s briefly overview some human life-threatening activities and their resulting challenges. 

Threats to bee lives:

If deliberately or indeliberately, human activities are posing life-threatening threats to bees. However, by paying a bit of attention to some of these we can make life easier for those who are working to give us a better life (bees).

  1. Urbanization or catastrophic deforestation as a result of human activities is an emerging cause of habitat loss for bees.
  2. The use of pesticides to increase crop yield controls the bee population as well.
  3. Monoculture farming (cultivating a single crop over an extended area) limits plant variety and nectar choice for bees.
  4. Globalization resulting in abrupt climate change makes it difficult for bees to forage.
  5. Environmental pollution imposes another series of challenges for beekeepers in hive management.  

Controlling these life-threatening human activities requires combined efforts from all of us. That would be impossible without educating people about the importance of honey bees and their conservation strategies. Thus, Worlds Bee Day is decided to organize annually to thank bees. 

World bee days 2023:

World bee day 2023 aims to create public awareness of the strengths of bees and other related insects. Various activities can be arranged for educating people about its preservation and conservation in natural habitats. It can be celebrated in schools, colleges, and even at the workplace to educate our present (youth) as well as future (children). 

Generally, world bee day is celebrated by arranging seminars, conferences, awareness walks, poster exhibitions, and bee conservation initiative campaigns. Most of them are academic activities extremely useful for educating large cohorts quite shortly. 

  1. Arranging seminars and conferences is one of the most influential world bee day activities. Experts' opinions, detailed presentations, and conference notes share all valuable information with those who don’t know why we need bees. 
  2. Awareness walk and media coverage help the bee conservation message penetrate more easily among the nation. The attractive posters display and long-distance walks are good strategies to increase public participation and grab the nation’s attention. 
  3. Bee conservation initiative Campaigns provide a platform to share bees’ voices with the nation. Sharing past conservation projects, their outcomes, and upcoming initiatives can make World bee day 2023 even more informative. 
  4. Social media is the power of this era so using it for maximising the potential of this event can also be a good option.
  5. Harvesting a bee-friendly garden or even arranging its workshop can be a great way to create public awareness about the event. 

These are some World bee day 2023 celebration ideas for those who have a platform to convey their message to others. It does mean you cannot make World bee day 2023 a memorable day, without owning a big platform. Sunhighland’s Manuka Honey can help you celebrate this day with your loved ones. 

World bee days 2023 with Sunhighlands:

To make the most out of it, it is beneficial to adopt some sophisticated and effective bee day celebration activities with Sunghiglands. Sunhighlands is a family-run Manuka honey business operating firm from the heart of Sydney, Australia. Some celebration ideas shared by Sunhighlands’ experts include:

  • Organize a honey-tasting event in your backyard
  • Arrange a honey recipe contest
  • Arrange a one-day tour to visit the local fee farms or apiary
  • Bake and cut a honey cake with friends and family

Additionally, allowing children to throw a bee-themed educational party and organizing bee-sketching competitors can also be healthy World bee day activities. Hosting a family feast and serving Manuka honey special recipes to acknowledge the significance of bees in our society would also be interesting. 

Concluding thoughts:

We hope this article helps you find out how important it is to celebrate World bee day 2023. Remember, it’s just an effort to remind people how valuable bees are to us. The outcome of arranging such an event can be stunning, especially when we all decide to pay back something (even a day )to these minute creatures.

Anticipatively, you like world bee day activities or ideas by Sunhighlands to credit the bee’s exceptional services to mankind. To become a part of Sunlighlands’ mission, you must order Manuka honey today to get yourself aware of their unbeatable offers.