4 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Pure Manuka Honey

Pure Manuka Honey

The best Manuka Honey offered by Sunhighlands originates from Australia and is known for its exceptional health benefits. Honey is collected by the bees pollinating the native Leptospermum scoparium bush. Manuka Honey has immense healing properties with certified results.

This is due to the Hydrogen peroxide present in the honey endows healing properties. MGO in manuka honey is all about killing bacteria. It has amazing strengths that prevent harmful bacteria from severe damage.

Overall, manuka honey has many enriching components and all are extremely beneficial for health. The higher the MGO strength, the stronger the antibacterial effect is. 

Sunhighland’s best Manuka Honey

“Sunhighlands sources its best Manuka Honey MGO 100 and Manuka Honey MGO 550, Manuka Honey MGO 850 & Manuka Honey MGO 1200 from North East NSW.

We are all about preserving the natural honey and selling it to our loyal customers as the honey is unprocessed, The natural Manuka Honey has wax and pollen. We extract the honey at a low temperature to retain all the enzymes and nutrients. The properties of honey are beneficial for health and wellbeing” (Sunhighland). 

After getting familiar with manuka honey and its components let’s dive into the use and benefits of Australian Manuka Honey in daily life. Manuka honey is widely used in everyday life. 

Uses and benefits of Pure Manuka Honey

1- Use as an antiseptic for wounds

There are a lot of uses and benefits of manuka honey including the healing of wounds.MGO has the ability to heal wounds and is also used in a lot of medicines.

A study has proven that Australian Manuka Honey acts as a disinfecting agent and reduces the time of healing. Moreover, Manuka Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which keep the wound moist and form a protective barrier, thus preventing microbial infections.

2- Sore throat reliever

Manuka honey has multiple components that can soothe a sore throat and severe cough. With a sore throat, Pure Manuka Honey may offer you relief. The Manuka honey has anti-bacterial properties which help to relieve sore throat.

Raw Manuka Honey Attack the bacteria and prevent it from attacking again by creating a thin layer and acting as an Antibacterial.

3- Use for reducing inflammation of wounds

Raw Manuka Honey bandages are available without a prescription and over-the-counter to help with wound care. Many studies show that honey can help treat wounds and provide pain relief in people with mild to moderate burns and wounds. 

Manuka Honey is used in wound care because of its acidic nature/low pH, as well as its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. According to research, it can stimulate tissue regeneration, aid in wound debridement, reduce inflammation, and reduce swelling.

Manuka Honey is widely used to control ulcer infections and prevent the growth of a specific type of bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.

4- Use as a Natural Sleep Aid 

Manuka Honey may act as a natural sleep aid by promoting restful deep sleep. During sleep, it gradually releases glycogen, which is required for essential bodily functions. Adding Honey to milk before bedtime promotes the release of melatonin into the brain, which is required for deep sleep.

Poor sleep is linked to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. Because honey has been shown to improve sleep quality, it may help reduce the risk of these and other health issues.

Sunhighlands’ best Manuka Honey

As seen above, Raw Manuka Honey has various uses in daily life, from cooking to skincare to medicine. The best manuka honey's unique characteristics put the honey in high demand.

Sunhighlands is a family-run business operating from the heart of Sydney, Australia that sells two variants, the Manuka Honey MGO 100 and Manuka Honey MGO 550.

We set out on a mission to provide the world with great-tasting varieties of Australian honey. Australia’s unique landscape opens the door to countless flavors and varieties of Australian Manuka Honey, each with its unique taste and benefits.